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Special WetHOP

Many brewers cannot use umbels in their brewhouses. Their technology forces them to brew using type 90 pellets (or even 45, depending on the whirlpool) or extract.

Fresh hops lose an average of 39% of their total oil when dried directly after harvesting. Losses of hop oils by grinding and evacuation during pellet production: on average 10%
[Narcissus/Beck: The Brewery Volume 2 page 147]

Advantages of the Special WetHOP

  • Special WetHOP is not dried, being given a pellet-like consistency immediately after harvesting, and is packaged while still fresh
  • Special WetHOP contains all the ingredients of fresh, ripe hops.
  • Special WetHOP is non-perishable
  • Special WetHOP is sterile packed
  • Special WetHOP is a hop that is suitable for green, wet and whirlpool
  • Special WetHOP is patented by Martin Schmailzl, Hopfen-Kontor


Features of Special WetHOP

  • Gives the beer a pleasantly rounded bitterness
  • Gives the beer the typical green hop aromas
  • All aromatic oils remain intact in the hop as there is no drying
  • Lupulin balls remain intact


Dimensions of product packaging
WetHOP in a sample can
During normal hop drying, the good aromas and oils are almost entirely lost. With the WetHOP, everything remains sealed in.

What can Special WetHOP do?

  • Special WetHOP can also be used in brewhouses with external boilers
  • Special WetHOP can easily be stored for over a year without losing any ingredients
  • Special WetHOP is ideal for cold-hopping, because it is sterile and does not float on top of the storage tank
  • Special WetHOP can be pre-isomerised without catalysts


What varieties can be delivered?

  • Herkules
  • Cascade
  • Mandarin Bavaria
  • Pearl
  • Polaris
  • Spalter Select

Who delivers Special WetHOP?

  • Special WetHOP is delivered exclusively by Hopfen-Kontor (Martin Schmailzl)

= Your exclusive supplier from the HALLERTAU hop country

What does the press say?

Comparison pictures Special WetHOP and normal dry hops



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Martin Schmailzl
"It's sheer
  madness to always
  dry the hops
  immediately after
  harvesting them
  and to expect beers
  with decent hop

Martin Schmailzl, Hopfenkontor